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Directing is really exciting, picking apart a text and working with a cast or solo performer to discover and develop every nuance and beat. It's one of my favourite things to do and done right it will capture the audience as if it is a different show each time. I love working with new writing because it stands and falls on its own merit, no one is comparing it to the book, how they were taught it at school, or the film version... 

If you are interested in working with a director on your live performance, whether theatre or comedy, please get in touch. 

An Insomniac’s Guide To Ambulances


The Public Reviews ★★★★

An unusual and thought-provoking production.


Female Arts ★★★★

A well-written and confidently produced play, with a well-structured and paced narrative, imbued with a sense of authenticity that only lived experience can bring.

RB (on audience feedback page) ★★★★★

"Not just great subject matter but treated with sensitivity, power, humour and made accessible to the audience. Cleverly written, accomplished performances and very thoughfully put together. I defy anyone to regret going to see this."

Character - Katalyst Productions


"Sitting on the front row, I felt almost like I was in the living room of Michelle's home and a part of her world. It's a classic sign that director Rachel Creeger has had a hand in this, she always tries to make the audience feel fully immersed in the action"

Views From The Gods



Everything Theatre

"Great audience interaction, good individual performances and impeccable production values." Voted “Most Audience Recommended” production in Camden Fringe 2012 on the Everything Theatre website.


Views from the Gods

"Staffroom should be applauded for attempting to produce a more immersive theatre environment, and a play that works on a number of levels for both teachers and laypeople alike."

Dear Daughter - Ria Lina

Winner of Best Comedy Show in the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 


The Scotsman (Kate Copstick) ★★★★

This show is beautifully constructed... 

this is all quality stuff up here. 

Mancunian Rhapsody - Tammer Productions

"The hilarious Jewish musical comedy looks set to be one of the must-see shows at the Edinburgh Fringe." Mail On Sunday (Pick of the Fringe)

Nominated for Best Comedy Show in the GM Fringe

I regularly direct at new writing workshops including Page to Stage London, Player Playwrights and SundaySurgery. I have been part of the SundaySurgeryScripts team since 2011 and have continued to collaborate with some of their writers on developing and directing their script following the workshops. 

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