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Movie madness began it's life as a project with the London Jewish Cultural Centre but developed a life of its own. Together with some brilliantly talented film makers, we devised a format which enables a group to create an original film from scratch, in just a week! Some of the films have been very ambitious with SFX and musical segments. We've built sets from reclaimed and recycled materials and re-imagined scenes from iconic movies. The young people have been involved in every aspect, from initial ideas to creation, doing the filming, sound and editing themselves under our guidance. 

This concept was further developed when a private client commissioned two short films for large family events, inspired by and starring family and friends. One of them was based on Monty Python classic "The Life of Brian" for which we created a stop frame animation sequence, had  the cast record the soundtrack in a studio and had award winning set designer Elly Wdowski transform a garden shed into a shack in Ancient Jerusalem.

 The model can easily be adapted for corporate use and works well with parody / mockumentary style films. I work with experienced documentary film makers to ensure a professional finish. We can provide original scripts, lyrics, props and costumes all customised to your ideas and needs. 

2015       Writer/Director 1 original short film created with children aged 8-11 at JW3

               From London to Tel Aviv                                                 (with Simon Waxman)

2015       Writer/Director 2 original short films created with children aged 8-11 and 11-15 with DreamArts charity

               Dreamarts Juniors Workhouse Horror!                            (with Simon Waxman and Jamie Lang)

               Dreamarts Seniors Carnival Clash                                   (with Simon Waxman and Michal McEwen)

2013-15  Writer/Director 2 original short films made for a private client for their events

               MiaMia                                                                            (with Michal McEwen)

              The Life of JoJo                                                               (with Michal McEwen and Elly Wdowski)

2009-14  Writer/Director 10 original short films created with children aged 8-11 and 11-15 at the LJCC      

              The Theft of the Peacock Diamond                                  (with JDOC)

              The Murder of Jude Doppelganger                                  (with JDOC)

              Indiana Bond and the Goblet of Doomfinger                    (with JDOC)

              Secrets and Spies                                                            (with Simon Waxman)

              Nightmare on North End Road                                         (with Simon Waxman)

              People Are Idiots                                                              (with Simon Waxman)

              Timed Out                                                                         (with Simon Waxman)

              The Kids Are Revolting                                                     (with Simon Waxman and Krissi McIlquham)

              Undead Undone                                                                (with Simon Waxman)

              Summer Shorts                                                                 (with Simon Waxman and Michal McEwen)

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