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Post 12: "You know the white rabbit? What he said."

No matter whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, shabbat (sabbath) begins at dusk and ends at nightfall. Depending on where you live, the timings can vary hugely. For example, in parts of Scandinavia there are days in the summer where it doesn't get dark, and in the winter when it doesn't get light. Complicated calculations are made to determine the correct time to bring shabbat in and to see it out.

And no matter whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, I'm not actually ready in time and get in a panic about 20 minutes before. Which is now. Mainly because today I've run around Edinburgh reviewing 3 shows and doing prep for a 4th. My flatmate has lent me a lamp which I've stuck my time switch on, I have chicken soup on the hob, challah on the table and kugel in the oven.

It's a Shabbos miracle!

So sorry that this is a shorty, but wishing everyone shabbat shalom from the Fringe. More tomorrow!

Ps break a leg everyone who has a show opening tonight xxxxx

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