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I give this Fringe 5 Stars *****

Here's how my fringe looked:

It's No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl performed 21 times and sold out 17 of them :o Hosted the Funny Women Fest at Gilded Balloon twice and guested once Guested on Immigrant Diaries at the Stand and Free Sisters 4 times and hosted once Performed 3 times as part of The Complete History of Pop in an Hour at Voodoo Rooms, including a guest spot, being an anarchic member of the choir and playing choirmistress last night! 4 Guest spots as part of Nasty Women of the fringe 2 on Bad Girls showcase (starting to get a complex) 2 on Shaggers (although I called it marital relationers) 2 memorable Hanukkah spots at Merry Frizmas including the one where the racists booed me when I was introduced as a Jew Guesting on Rosie Wilby's shows The Conscious Uncoupling as the voice of her diary and Breakup Monologues telling the story of my stalker boyfriend Featured spot at Boycotted Comedy From Israel A podcast recording and a radio interview about coping with life at the fringe Plus other spots on Late With Kate, 2 Girls 1 Cup of Comedy, Classic Joke Club, Huggers, Streetbeat, The Not So Secret Society, That One Sounds Good, Lots of Comedians, Comedy Shorts, Laughter Begins at 40, That Thing Is Comedy and the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation Festival Day. Thank you to everyone who trusted me with their microphone!

Made some amazing new friends and got to spend (not enough) time with some existing friends. Saw very few other shows but loved the ones I did. Got to perform in places I've sat in as an audience member for the past 7 years. Appreciated walking backwards and forwards across the Meadows every day and the delicious food and hospitality provided by the Jewish community every weekend. Loved my flatmates. I still haven't seen any of the actual sites of Edinburgh.

I have a lot of people to thank for the opportunities I've been given over this month and I'm going to message them individually. It's been awesome and an immense privilege.

I give this Fringe 5 Stars ***** Really excited for whatever happens next! Now heading back to my boys ♡

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