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Post 18: “Missing you already!”

I'm sitting in Edinburgh airport waiting to fly back from one Fringe to direct a show in another*. I've had a crazy 8 days of reviewing new writing and working on the 3 shows I've directed, which are all going beautifully thanks to the talented performers being brilliant.

As well as that I've seen 4 things just for fun. I've had an argument with a venue. I've had heartwarming chats and put the world to rights with my lovely flatmates. I've hung out with a very old friend and his cool kids. I've walked about 50 miles. I've eaten 5 baked potatoes from the shop off the Mile.

And now I'm leaving it all behind for 10 days right in the middle. Imagine going to summer camp and popping home for a bit. It'll always be like when Phoebe couldn't go to London for Ross's wedding.

I'm really excited for the new show* but even now, waiting to board the plane, I'm suffering from terrible FOMO. It would be terribly unkind to ask my friends and colleagues to have NO fun and say NOTHING of interest over the next week and a half. Assuaging my fear of missing out really requires the entire Edinburgh Fringe Festival to remain in some kind of cryogenic stasis while I'm not there. That seems unlikely.

So, I'm going to take a deep breath, go to my happy place and wish everyone an awesome 240 hours. Go forth and be as fantastic as we all know you are. I hope the rain will stop and the weather returns to its usual varied self (average summer day: mist then boiling sun then rain then hail then sun then rain then humidity then freezing). May the audiences crowd in to your venues and give you standing ovations and tell everyone they meet about that great show they just saw.

But don't have any fun until I'm back. That bit's non negotiable.**

*”We Are Not Alone” by Kate Webster - 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th August at the Hen & Chickens theatre in Islington, 6.00pm (1hr) as part of the Camden Fringe. Lots of posts about this to follow...

** Bec Hill is an exception - Bec and Gavin congratulations on your wedding and have as much fun as you want!

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